Tofu Cat Litter Flushable and Clumping 100%Plant Fiber Raw Materials, Dust-Free Cat Litter Control

Our tofu cat litter is made from peas and corn starch, a 100% plant-based product with no harmful ingredients.
Less dust and does not leave paw marks.
Clumps form quickly meaning less waste. The clumps are quite firm until they encounter liquid again.
Clumps can be thrown directly into the toilet, where they break down in the water and turn into a powder that can be easily flushed away.
Strong odor absorption and 99% bacteria inhibition with added plant-based bacteria inhibitors.

Product Description

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Product Details

100% plant-based product with no harmful ingredients. 

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 Fast and Firm Clumping.

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Low Dust.


Eco-friendly and Biodegradable, Toilet Flushable.


Super Odor Control.


Company Profile

In order to provide your loved pets cost-effective products, we have integrated pet production factories and packaging factories. New pet products are updating constantly, and professional customer-service team are ready to help you.Considering we are young, we are more energetic and creative,it is wise to choose us cooperating with you.And our main products are bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter and other popular pet products,like pet clothing,pet toy ,pet beds and etc.

Our company adheres to the principle of service first and do our utmost to meet the needs of customers.We support our own brand “TODD”sales and OEM is welcomed.

We insist on high quality products, develops with credibility. And we do our business with our sincerely passion. We are looking forward to the cooperation with domestic and overseas buyer.

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Q: Can I customized color ?

AOf course. Our company has a variety of colors for you to choose, and you also can  customize the package, logo or other you need.


Q: How about the price? Can you make it cheaper?

A: The price depends on the item your demand (Shape,size,quantity).

Quotation after receiving full description of the item you want.


Q: Can I mix many models for a set ?

A:Yes, you can buy goods in any combination.


Q: How about the quality guarantee period?

A:Three month after you received good.


Q: When can I receive the goods after I place an order?

A:The goods will be delivered within 5 days after placing the order, and will arrive at your address within 5-7 days.



Q: Can I purchase the sample? When will I get the sample?

A:Yes, we provide samples. When purchased, the sample will arrive at your address in 5-7 days.

Todd meets personally with our clients on an annual schedule where we provide strategies for business insertion, business expansion, and marketing approaches. Through these personal, customized business practices we can ensure long-term sustainable support and cooperation.



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