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Mineral Cat Litter -Cat's Love

Mineral Cat Litter -Cat's Love

As it is known that the brand “Ever Clean”, the mineral litter is very famous both domestic and overseas.Considering its material-Natural sodium bentonite, the cat litter is definitely dust free and order control,and absorbency ability more than 350%,which making it very quick clumsy.The ball-shaped “tidy litter”absorbency ability is only about above 200%.Thus ,if you want even better cat litter,we propose you can try this mineral litter. Our product is similar to “Ever Clean”,but lower price.So if you get some interest in this,COME AND TRY!



Contact: Todd Pets

Phone: 17513267880

E-mail: [email protected]

Add: Building D, Xingda International, Xinhua Road, Wolong District, Nanyang, Henan, China

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