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Types of Cat Litter ,Let's Choose

Types of Cat Litter ,Let's Choose

Cat litter is an essential supply for all indoor cats.It is used instinctively by a cat to bury its urine and feces,but some owners have preferences for what type of litter they’d like their cats to use.
Price,odor control, the amount of dust,absorbency,how well it clumps,availability to purchase,scents and other factors may play a role in the type of litter you or your beloved cats prefer.
1.Clay cat litter
Clay cat litter is the most popular litter choice for cat owners.For its easy-available and satisfactory price as well.Low dust and dust-free options are available along with scented or unscented varieties.Strong and fast absorbency ability making it absorb pets urine and peculiar smell within a couple seconds.Keeping your beloved pets clean and dry,making the air fresh.The main material is montmorillonite,which is definitely natural and safe for your pets.
2.Tofu cat litter
Tofu cat litter is made from pea fiber, corn starch and starch. Using food-grade starch, listed companies dry bean dregs to ensure product safety and health.The unique fiber of peas structure can absorb odour and inhibit bacteria. It ferments is hardly and will not easily, natural plant aromas to the eliminating odour, and is lasting longer.t clumps easily and quickly. The faster and easier the clump forms, the quicker and better the odor gets contained. Also, it makes cleaning the litter box more convenient.
You have more than one way to dispose of it after use. You can choose to flush it down the toilet, throw it away as garbage, or use it as fertilizer if you think it’s appropriate.
3.Silica gel litter
Made of silica gel,these litter are highly absorbency.And odor control well so they tend to need to be changed less frequently than other products.But it is also dangerous that if accidentally ate,it may cause death.Secondly,something to consider with silica gel litter is that even though the smells and urine are trapped in the granules, by not changing the litter as frequently, bacteria do remain in place for longer periods.
Since there are so many different types of cat litter,as we owner should choose one type of cat litter which is suitable for your beloved pets.We are eager to help you figure out the matter that confused you,selecting a type of cat litter which fit you and your kitty well.


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